The major battle in improving the quality of patient care and elimination additional costs in healthcare facilities is through reducing the risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAI).

In that regard, proper hand disinfection is regarded as the primary weapon. However, since disease transmission occurs via different routes, the infection control cycle cannot be adequately addressed unless through a holistic approach. SteriTech products were developed with that in mind, formulated to control the various modes, instruments, surfaces, soiled laundry or the air.

In addition, SteriTech products’ low toxicity levels, easy and restricted time table increase compliance to protocols and facilitate Sterimed integration into any infection control program.

Hand Hygiene

Since almost 80% of diseases are spread via contact transmission, the correct use of hand hygiene products is considered the primary weapon in the infection control arsenal in the battle of reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.

Frequent hand washing and hand disinfection imposed by hospital protocols could cause discomfort, irritation and itching. SteriTech hand hygiene products were designed in respect of both rigorous hand hygiene standards and healthcare providers’ comfort. With a skin friendly pH, added emollients, mild ingredients and broad spectrum activity, SteriTech products are a quality indication of patients’ safety.